Workforce & Workplace Optimization

Talent Experience Design


Create end-to-end, customized talent experiences that inspire your people to be loyal, effective, engaged and productive; consider your circumstances and create efficient systems that fit your needs and maximize clarity and alignment.

Workplace Strategy


Integral with talent experience, workplace strategies need a complete refresh in how real estate and support teams actually enable your people and your customers in today's work anywhere environments.   

Corporate University | Learning


Today's best talent expect organizations to invest in them as an individual and not just as an employee; creating a corporate strategy that invests in talent at the next level develops better professionals and creates brand differentiation.

New Ideas for a New Era

Integrate, Integrate, Integrate

Talent experience today is "owned" by several parts of the organization with different measures of success for each; Centralize the responsibility and create true ROI.

Serve yourself as you serve clients

As technology advances, support services are reduced; throw out the rule book and examine where your people are struggling with services that enable higher productivity from your most valuable resources.

Build a cultural "home"

Offices have become either devoid of cultural indicators OR they don't attract the crowds they used to; consider creating gathering place(s) that create engagements with a purpose.

Well-being: not a membership

We don't just mean physical health when we talk about employee and organizational well-being; consider a holistic, coordinated and validated approach to total rewards.

Open spaces don't save money

The cost of real estate is a significant expense and a target for efficiency; in the process, the cost of lost productivity in both finding the right space and enduring the constant distractions in the fully open models is unrealized. 

Brand comes from reputation

If you never ask a friend to recommend a high quality "whatever" or check the internet for ratings, you are a unicorn; your brand comes from how your people feel and talk about you and your organization.

What is "engagement"?

This is the holy grail of measuring success in the talent world yet, to get to the real story on engagement, you have to dig deeper than a survey can provide; true engagement is the measurement that assess the incremental difference between how you kept valuable talent and how you lost them.

Communicate - don't sell

The lack of clarity and alignment between the mission/goals of your organization and your employees understanding and adoption of that mission is often a function of ineffective communications; everyone doesn't need to know everything or be in every meeting - help them focus on what matters most. 

Invest, invest, invest

We have crossed the threshold into a world where qualified talent is becoming scare so attracting and retaining the best is paramount; it is expensive to continue treating the symptoms of unexpected turnover rather than create effective ecosystems to nurture careers

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