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Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs

Rapid Prototyping Through Magical Digital Potions

Software & Web Development

We have worked with clients of all sizes and sectors to produce everything from marketing sites and blogs to complex healthcare software, social networks, Business Intelligence tools, travel portals, web stores.... and the list goes on.

Mobile Apps & Games

The way people access technology is changing. Open your ideas to a previously inaccessible users. Do you want to launch a mobile payments system in Africa? Or maybe need a translation tool for China. Perhaps you have an idea for a educational game for Latin America! We work with clients across all continents and bring their ideas to life on screens of all sizes.

Turn your idea into a business

Our founders are seasoned entrepreneurs. They can help and guide you on how to convert an idea into a successful business. From product sourcing to e-commerce & from NGOs to healthcare, we can assist you!

From Healthcare to Big Data

We have enabled startups to perform vision tests on mobile devices. We have developed system that allow research institutions to administer Traumatic Brain Injury screenings on the web. We take large dumps of random data and turn it into something useful.

Rapid Prototyping

Everyone has good ideas these days but its not worth much if we don't take action. But the problem is that most folks are not skilled in bringing the idea to life. Or are not sure where it could lead or how it would turn out. Do you really want to make a significant investment before testing it out and getting some feedback? We specialise in helping clients bring their ideas to life in the fastest and most efficient ways possible. Let us make a prototype for your ideas and see how the world receives it. If it takes off, lets move on to Phase 2. If it doesn't, oh well... you will come up with something better :)

Idea Lab

Do you have an idea about an app that people would love to use? Or a web service that should exist but still doesn't? Send us a note and lets talk about your ideas. We specialize in converting half baked ideas in real, revenue-generating tools and services. Our entrepreneurs can guide you through the whole process or defining your idea, creating a business plan around it, building a prototype, and helping you launch the next big thing!